The Oromia Region is endowed with large rivers and water resources which have the potential to serve multiple economic purposes. The scenic beauties, gorges and attractive waterfalls of the region have high touristic value. The majority of Ethiopia's main perennial rivers have their sources in Oromia with very many tributaries and streams running down their catchments to the lowland areas. There are numerous locations of both seasonal and perennial waterfalls in the courses of the main rivers' catchments. Below are the significant waterfalls in Oromia that are quite attractive and are ideal spots for nature admirers and recreation seekers.

No Name of Tourist Attractions (Waterfalls)
1     Awash Waterfall
2    Sor Waterfall
3    Danga-Waj Waterfall:
4    Elke Waterfall
5    Mogar Waterfall
6    Keto Waterfall
7    Gudar Waterfall
8    Angar Waterfalls
9    Bareda waterfalls
10   Saka Waterfall:
11   Lephis Waterfall:
12   Harbera WaterFall:
13   Walmel Waterfalls
14   Wabe waterfall
15   Shamie Waterfalls
16   Dinik Waterfall
17   Gur Waterfall
18   Walmale Waterfall