Oromia is gifted with abundant thermo-mineral reserves curative spas and springs of great recreational, sporting, and curative potential. As a result of past geotectonic phenomena occurring in the great East African Rift Valley, these thermo-mineral springs are seemingly concentrated in the Eastern central part of Oromia that lies in this Rift Valley.

They are very popular in quantity of water discharge and quality of therapeutic elements' heterogeneity that depends on the chemical composition of the thermal springs. While guests take baths in the thermo-mineral waters, these chemicals /elements, percolate through the body and relieve and /or prevent different diseases and complications.

Thermo-mineral reserves of Oromia are also abundantly available in the highlands, lowlands, and around the lakes beyond the rift valley boundary. The rift valley spas have high temperature and various chemical composition and high curative effects and popularity. So it is for the other springs beyond the rift boundary. Some of them are even used for industrial bottling. The Following are some of the major thermo-mineral springs of Oromia in the rift valley area that are being utilized for different purposes and are attracting both domestic and foreign tourists.

Name of Tourism Attractions

1  Sodaré Spa Hot spring Water
2  Ambo Hot spring Water
3  Negash Lodge (Waliso) Recreational Site
4  Bokku Steam Therapy
5  Gargadi Hot Spring
6  Shala Thermal Springs
7  Wallamé Hot Spring
8  Awash Palm Spring