Natural resources have long been relied on as a basis for economic activity. Natural resources exist within a set of widely divergent social, economic, and environmental values. The forests are a major natural resource, sometimes mixed with man-made areas of forestry. 

• Dominantly alpine vegetation, canopies of forest in the highlands, tropical forest, woodlands, savannah, bush land and shrubs in the lowlands.
The following are some of the protected government forest priority area:

No Name of Tourist Attractions
1   Yayo World Biosphere Reserve Forest
2   Menagesha Subba National Forest
3   Chilimo Gaji Forest
4   Babbiya Folla Forest
5   The Sigmo, Gabba, and Salem Wangas forests
6   Guji and Borana forest Area
7   Dodola – Adaba Forest Dewllers:
8   Jalo-Qunni Mukhtar Forests
9   Dindin Forest
10  Gera Jeda Forest
11  Tullu Jergo Forest
12  Chuta Forest
13  Bellete Gera Forest
14  Jibat Forest
15  Gura Forest
16  Haranna Forest